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Once your payment is accepted your account will top up with the amount you have deposit minus your VAT charges.

Please mind that if you make a Bank deposit it may be need 2-3 or even more working days for your payment to be available.

Please mind that if your account has no available balance you cannot make any call.

To receive your Invoice please inform us if your company is in VIES System or not to define your VAT charges.

Thank you

  • You can make a payment using Paypal; using your Paypal available balance if you have or your Credit or Debit Card. Just choose the amount you need from the following drop down menu and hit the button: Pay Now. Please mind that there is a handling fee 2.50 euros.
  • Else you can make a Bank Deposit to our account with the following Bank Account Details:


PayPal: Bank Account Details

Select Amount

IBAN: BG61FINV91501015868194


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